Rainbow Nursery Extended Hours

Our hours explained

Our usual hours for each nursery school can be seen below. However we can now offer extended hours across all our locations for those who need more childcare provision.

Morning sessions

Sheen Park (Holy Trinity Church Centre) are 9am-12.30pm

Sheen Common: 8.30/9am – 10/12.30pm

Ormond Road: 9.15am-12.30pm

Lunch Club

Due to our terms of refrence as a sessional pre-school registered with OFSTED we have to have a defined break between the morning and afternoon sessions which is what our lunch club is. This is why there is an additional £5 fee. Lunch club sessins are 12.30pm-1pm.

Afternoon sessions:

Sheen Park: 1pm-3pm – £27.50 per session booked in advance.

Sheen Common: 12.45-3.15pm – £1800 per term for 5 afternoons per week.

Ormond Road: 1pm-2.45pm – £26 per session booked in advance.

Extended sessions:

Sheen Park has the possibility of extended sessions including lunch club every Monday – Friday until 3pm at an additional £27.50 (including Lunch Club fee)  per session.

At Sheen Common you can combine the morning and the afternoon sessions with the lunch club to provide a 8.30/9am – 3/3.15pm to cover 5 days a week during term time. Please contact us for the pricing regarding this.

Ormond Road – from September 2021 are able to provide 4 extended sessions 9.15-2.45  Mon-Thurs  (this service is not available on the first Wednesday of every month)


Interested in Sheen Common?

If you are interested in a place at Rainbow Nursery - Sheen Common, please have a look at our fee structure and then enquire about availability.

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