Our Nursery Schools

Our Nursery Schools


We have 3 Nursery Schools in Richmond/Sheen at the following locations.

Ormond Road


Unitarian Church,

Ormond Road,



TW10 6TH

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Sheen Park


Holy Trinity Church,

Sheen Park,




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Sheen Common


The Pavilion,

Sheen Common,

Fife Road,


SW14 7EL

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Rainbow Nursery School Curriculum

Curriculum Introduction
All children need to experience a planned programme of activities and experiences tailored to their stage of development. Taking into account their individual needs, the play activities provided by RAINBOW are an essential element of the programme.
Personal, Social & Emotional Development
Children will be encouraged to build friendships with other children and adults. This will enable them to practice skills of sharing, caring, helping, working together, solving problems and taking responsibility for the environment and themselves. They will be encouraged to concentrate and persevere on individual tasks and to ask for help when needed.
Communication & Language
Children will be given many opportunities to talk about their experiences and to listen to others; they will be encouraged to express their own ideas in ways which can be understood. They will hear stories, rhymes, poems and songs and when confidant will join in with them. Books will always be readily available to children for looking at, to listen to, to read and to recognise the printed words and pictures.
Physical Development
Children will be given opportunities both indoors and outdoors, to develop, practice and master skills of balance, movement, running, jumping, climbing. At all times, children are closely supervised to ensure safety. They will be encouraged to test their own abilities and activities which are fun, and monitor how their body changes whilst doing physical exercise.
Children will have the opportunities provided by many different activities to match, sort, sequence, count, and order everyday objects, which form the basis of understanding of mathematics. Through this knowledge, they will be able to solve problems. They will hear examples of the language of mathematics; identify objects by shape, size, number etc. Simple rhymes will help them learn number sequences.
Materials for writing and drawing will be available and children will be helped to understand the purpose of writing.
Expressive Arts & Design
Activities for creative play will always be available including paint, crayons, pencils, gluing, collage, model making, etc. Children will be provided with opportunities to respond to music and recognisable artistic works. They will have the opportunities for imaginative play, individually and with others.
Understanding the world
Children will be offered the chance to explore and experiment with natural and man-made materials. They will be able to compare and identify the features of different objects, recognise similarities and differences and talk about their discoveries with other children and adults. Children explore and come to understand their environment within the group and in the wider community.

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